Safety & Rules

Saftey is our Priority

Our inflatable bounce houses are kid safe—the safety of kids is our Number 1 concern. Our bouncers are American made of commercial grade vinyl. They are durable, safe and completely cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. We are also fully trained, licensed and insured in the proper use of the inflatables.

Each unit is cleaned after setup and before tear down at the event. We make sure there is no dirt or grass on any unit that would make the child dirty. We also use antibacterial solutions to ensure that the units are sanitary and they will not spend illness among the children.

Keeping Kids Safe
We are extremely proud to be the companies in the Syracuse area to be a certified member of Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO). Their seal indicates that we have successfully passed the Basic Inflatable Safety Operations Certification. We have proven our understanding of how to operate inflatables safely, as well as how to assess a site, look for dangers, and help you supervise your event in a safe manner as well. Verify our certification right here!


The Watchdog Blower Siren 
The Watchdog Blower Siren

Your child’s fun and safety is our number one goal! That’s why we supply the Watchdog Blower Siren with every single inflatable. The blower siren is a revolutionary device that monitors the inflation of the inflatables. If the inflation is interrupted, the Siren Blower will instantly sound an alarm! Find out more by visiting the Watchdog Siren website.





Rain Policy
There is NO bouncing in the rain! Not only is damaging to the equipment, but it is not safe for those bouncing. When the bouncy is wet, it is slippery. Children have a hard enough time watching out for each other without dealing with slipping. We don’t mind canceling your reservation due to weather-related issues. However, the decision must be made by 8:00 PM the night before. All reservations will be canceled if there is a 70% or more chance of rain at any time during your event. We use Weather Underground hour-by-hour web page with your zip code for this information.

Silly String
Canned spray strings in any form are strictly prohibited in or around the inflatable unit at all times. The spray strings will cause permanent damage to the vinyl materials used in the construction of the inflatables and will cause permanent damage.

We ask that you make sure that you have a location that is large enough to hold the inflatable. We also ask that you make sure that there are no cables or piping going underground where we will be setting up. In order to ensure safety, we use large ground stakes and we do not want to hit anything. We kindly ask if you could refrain from mowing the lawn at the location for two days prior to the event to ensure the grass does not track into the unit.

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