Who is Bounce and Slide Rentals?
Is Bounce and Slide Rentals Insured?
What does your price include?
What is your free delivery area?
How long can I keep the unit?
Who sets up the bounce house?
Why can't I pick up the bounce house and set it up myself?
What is the Bounce House's foul weather policy?
How many kids can bounce at one time?
Can a bounce house be set up inside?
Must a bounce house be set up on grass if outside?
How much room is needed?
Is there paperwork involved in renting from The Bounce House?
How does the bounce house stay inflated?
What if the bounce house started to deflate with kids inside?
Does The Bounce House set up for any type of event?
Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?
My yard slopes a bit, will that be OK?
Are inflatable's safe?
Why can’t we use silly string in the inflatables?
What do you mean by competitor 'horror stories'?

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